The IMBT Collaboration Institute

for Talk Pros and Touch Pros

October 11-14, 2017 - Los Angeles (Long Beach), CA

An invitation for all professionals who offer touch and talk support
 to clients who seek to bring greater depth to their life experiences​

Join Dr. Susan Kaye, guest faculty, and seasoned experts and practitioners who offer touch and talk support
to their clients for three days of comprehensive learning.

Expand your practice, collaborate with other
practitioners, and foster greater credibility

You are invited!

This workshop is suitable for you if you are a:

  • Touch-based practitioner, including somatic sexuality educators, bodyworkers, surrogate partners, health workers, massage therapists,  sacred intimates, professional cuddlers, yoga therapists, trauma- and addiction-based specialists, tantra practitioners, and other somatic workers who provide touch for patients and clients;
  • Talk-based practitioner, including mental health providers, sex coaches, life coaches, counselors, marriage and family practitioners, sexuality educators, mindfulness trainers, and anyone who supports clients through conversation;
  • Or anyone who wants to learn about mind-body practices in a collaborative solutions-based context.

The Expanded Triadic Model: 
Bringing Talk Pros and Touch Pros Together

​The classic triadic model is a method of supporting clients in issues regarding touch, intimacy, and sexuality that is grounded in the work of William Masters and Virginia Johnson in the practice of sex surrogacy, also known as surrogate partner therapy.  In the classic model, the client, a mental health provider or medical clinician, and a certified surrogate partner work together to support the client to address sexual dysfunctions as well as other diagnosed conditions determined by a licensed provider. 

Expanding the Model​

​The founders of the Institute for Mind Body Therapy recognized the value of the classic triadic model in the clinical context, and expanded the model to address broader dimensions of touch, intimacy, and relationship by considering the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of the more expansive community of talk- and touch-based practitioners

As a result, the Institute has created the Expanded Triadic Model to include the contributions of these broader communities of mind- and body-practitioners.

Expansion and Inclusivity​

This training offers enhanced and expanded skills and knowledge for practitioners who already make use of their existing knowledge and training in their practices and disciplines. This training is an enhancement to foundational practices; not a substitute for them. As such, practitioners are welcome to attend this training and make use of whatever information, skills, and tools ma​y benefit them and their clients in their existing practices.

Our newest training offers you with what you need to elevate the quality of your practice, including fostering collaborative relationships with other practitioners, forming a supportive community!

This program offers:

    • Three days of comprehensive learning, interactions, mapping of resources, and community building for touch pros and talk pros 
    • Separate and combined sessions between and among talk pro and touch pro communities, to learn specific skills, practices, and processes
    • Experience of the “Expanded Triadic Model,” a team-based approach that includes both talk pros and touch pros in supporting the needs of clients
    • Opportunities to explore how to bring greater alignment, integrity, and satisfaction to your work and career
    • Understanding of the IMBT Process 
    • Candid conversations and exchanges regarding assessing potential clients, forming partnerships with other pros, and integrating somatic practices into existing modalities
    • A Certificate of Completion from the Institute for Mind Body Therapy for completing learning requirements in working within the Expanded Triadic Model

Save the dates!

Free Panel and Reception (Wednesday Evening)

Talk Pros and Touch Pros: Working Together

​7 pm to 9:30 pm Pacific

IMBT Collaborative Institute (3 Days)

Touch Pros and Talk Pros:
Working Together in the Expanded Triadic Model

10 am to 6 pm Pacific

10 am to 6 pm Pacific

10 am to 6 pm Pacific

Here are a few things
that make this program unique

1. This training is inclusive. The Expanded Triadic Model allows touch pros and talk pros with diverse skill sets to participate in mind-body interactions with clients.

The classic triadic model, although beneficial, severely limits participation from pros in the extensive somatic arts field. The Expanded Triadic Model considers contemporary approaches to healing modalities to support clients.

2. This training offers touch pros and talk pros a common process to collaborate more closely to benefit the client. This model makes use of knowledge gained within the classic triadic model.

This training offers touch pros and talk pros a common process to collaborate more closely to benefit the client. This model makes uses of knowledge gained within the classic triadic model.

3. This training addresses contemporary sexuality. Unlike other trainings, emphasis in this program is placed on the broader diversity of sexuality, including LGBTQI, female sexual empowerment, and non-traditional relationships.

Learning about, and supporting these communities, can help you expand your practice.

Instructor Profiles

Meet Dr. Susan Kaye: Sexologist, Sex Educator, Intimacy Coach,
and Surrogate Partner Specialist

Dr. Susan Kaye has more than 20 years of experience as a body worker and yoga teacher, and more than 10 years as an intimacy coach, sex educator, specialist in the arena of sex surrogacy, and as a professor in Human Sexuality. As co-founder, president, and chief executive officer of the Institute for Mind Body Therapy, Susan believes that our cultural life is lived “in our heads.” She believes that people need to live more fully from the “neck down” for healthy balance. Her career path has taught her to help others remove years of emotional pain, trauma, secrecy, and ignorance, and enabled them to reclaim their lost pleasure birthrights of celebrating our physical being, exquisite sensuality and blissful sexuality.

Meet Andrés Cordero: Embodiment Coach, Sacred Intimate,
and Sexuality Educator

Andrés Cordero, Jr., M.B.A., currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Sexuality Policy Leadership, Human Sexuality, at the California Institute of Integral Studies, currently serves as executive director of the Institute for Mind Body Therapy. A trained embodiment coach, sacred intimate, and sexuality educator, Andrés believes in the innate value of collaborative partnerships among practitioners to support clients for both therapeutic and as well as pleasure and life enhancement purposes. He is preparing to examine the phenomenon of sacred intimacy for his dissertation, and has delivered embodiment-based trainings, presentations, and lectures on topics related to embodiment, self-development, and human sexuality. Learn more at


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