Jacqueline Heller, Ph.D. – Board Member

Jacqueline Hellyer is unabashedly fascinated by sex in all its aspects, from the biological to the psychological to the spiritual. She believes sex is a celebration of life and our sexual energy is our fundamental life energy.

In her therapy, coaching, speaking and workshops Jacqueline brings her extensive knowledge and life experience, combining the wisdom of the ancients with the best of modern scientific practice.

She has a private clinical practice, is regularly seen in the media and on the public speaking circuit, is a published author and blogger, runs sexual empowerment workshops and retreats, and hosts the weekly radio program, The Tantric Lounge - sex, science and spirituality, on Voice America’s Empowerment Channel.

Ms Hellyer has degrees in biochemistry, human sciences, ecology and languages, a certificate in life coaching, and a Masters degree in sexual health with the University of Sydney. She has an advanced black belt in aikido, has practised yoga, Tantra and meditation for decades and is well-read in eastern and western philosophy. She is also a mother of three.