Tara Long, Ph.D. – Board Member

Hello, I am Dr Tara Long, I am a mentor, trainer and sex educator for adults, who want to enrich their sexual, intimate and relational scope, connect more profoundly to their sexual energy and develop their sexual, creative potential with greater awareness and joy.

In my private practice, I accept adult clients (18+) of all ages, genders and sexual orientation. I am highly analytical, however also highly intuitive in my work, body- and spiritual intelligent. I create an atmosphere of warmth, care, empathy and trust with clients of various ages, issues and genders.

I work from a transpersonal, somatic and integral perspective. I love to share my knowledge of western and eastern sexuality, my rich embodied sexual experience, my blissful energy, and last but not least my love. I obtained my doctorate degree as a doctor of scientific psychology in the field of cognitive creativity research. I have also been trained as a Jungian and transpersonal therapist.

Tara Long is the Founder and Vice-President of The Connection: European Association for Complementary, Integral and Transpersonal Sexological Therapy and Care. In 2011 she was appointed as the Dean of the Connection University of Advanced Erotology. In this capacity, she is a catalyst for the reconnection of love, sex and intimacy on the highest level of consciousness. Through my work I seek to contribute to creating a more peaceful world, where people live (re)connected with themselves, with their loved ones, and with nature.