The IMBT Expansion Institute

What it is

The IMBT Expansion Institute is a supplementary, 1- to 2-day, in-person training program. It is a supplemental training experience for individuals who are existing Certified Referral Practitioners (CRP), Surrogate Partner Practitioners (SPP), or Integrative Somatic Practitioners (ISP), and are seeking an opportunity to meet continuing education unit (CEU) requirements in a single, experiential program.

What it offers

The  IMBT Expansion Institute typically focuses only on specific aspects of the IMBT Process. Unlike the initial IMBT Institute, the IMBT Expansion Institute allows practitioners to focus in specific phases of the process, explore supplemental modalities, or otherwise develop depth of knowledge to support specialized client needs.

Other benefits

The IMBT Expansion Institute may provide opportunities to interact closely with experts in the field; guest presenters may deliver talks and interactive sessions with participants.

The IMBT Expansion Institute also includes experiential learning opportunities, and interactions with existing certified practitioners as well as clients to learn more about how these practitioners experience the practices.​

Frequency and availability

The IMBT Expansion Institute is offered as opportunities arise to deliver specialized content. You are encouraged to subscribe to the IMBT newsletter to learn more about the Expansion Institutes as they become available.