The IMBT Institute

What it is

The IMBT Institute is a comprehensive, 3- to 4-day, in-person training program. It is the foundational training experience for individuals interested in obtaining certification as a Certified Referral Practitioner (CRP), Surrogate Partner Practitioner (SPP), or Integrative Somatic Practitioner (ISP).

What it offers

The foundation of the IMBT Institute is a thorough, comprehensive exploration of the IMBT Process. It is during the 3- to 4-day training program that you will develop an understanding of implementation of the nine phases of the IMBT process.

The way you implement the IMBT Process will depend on your ultimate goal as a certified provider:

  • If you have an existing practice, you may integrate elements of the process, in whole, or individually, into your existing interactions with clients.
  • If you seek to support clients as a Surrogate Partner Practitioner (SPP), ​you will use the IMBT Process extensively as you collaborate with a Certified Referral Practitioner (CRP) in supporting clients.
  • If you are an educator, the IMBT Process, along with the resources provided by the IMBT Institute, can be highly beneficial for you in enhancing your existing experiential programs, or developing new ones.

Other benefits

In addition to the IMBT Process and training on the curriculum, the IMBT Institute provides opportunities to interact closely with experts in the field; guest presenters deliver talks and interactive sessions with participants.

The IMBT Institute also includes experiential learning opportunities, and interactions with existing certified practitioners as well as clients to learn more about how these practitioners experience the practices.​

Frequency and availability

The IMBT Institute is offered at least twice a year, over an extended weekend. You are encouraged to subscribe to the IMBT newsletter to learn more about the Institutes as they become available.  

In addition, the IMBT is currently working on offering distance-learning options for the IMBT Institute.​