Tova Feder, Ph.D. – Co-Founder Emeritus and Board Member

Tova Feder has been involved in the field of human sexuality for more than 30 years. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Ohio University. She worked as social worker and community organizer for one of the largest family mental health agencies in Los Angeles. She studied psychology at Antioch University at its Marina Del Rey CA campus in pursuit of an MFCC. It was there she realized she wanted more specialized training in sexuality. She transferred to the Institute for the Study of Human Sexuality where she earned credential as a Sex Educator and Clinical Sexologist. Ms. Feder has continued post-graduate studies in psychology and human sexuality at ULCA.

She has served as a sex educator at the Los Angeles Free Clinic, Valley Community Clinic, and Women’s Medical Center. She is a certified rape crisis and domestic violence counselor and has worked at the Valley Trauma Center where she dealt with survivors of rape and sexual assault. She was the first volunteer crisis counselor to work cooperatively with the Los Angeles Police Department assisting officers at the scene of domestic abuse incidents.

She maintained a private practice in West Los Angeles where she worked as a sexologist and intimacy coach. Ms. Feder is the author of 7 books on relationships, intimacy and touch healing. She recently completed two additional books, one on Sexual Healing for Couples and the other a comprehensive overview of Surrogate Partner Therapy including interviews with surrogates, therapists and trainers. And received her PhD in Human Sexuality in 2014.