About Us

Our Mission

We believe we are all born with an innate hunger to be touched.

Touch is a powerful way to communicate empathy, friendship,
approval, affirmation, and love to one another.

We seek to offer a holistic healing approach for clients who
experience sexual, social and intimacy concerns.

Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.

Carl Jung

Our Vision

To serve as catalysts for change in creating a more body-positive society, dispel myths about sexuality, and provide accurate, unbiased information.

To work collaboratively with medical and mental health professionals to advocate for effective sex education for the public.

To help individuals engage in intimacy without guilt and shame, and to create healthy, sustainable relationships.

Our Background

Masters and Johnson, famed sexologists of the 1960’s were the first to train and utilize female surrogate partners to work with male clients in their St.Louis clinic. The word “surrogate” means a “substitute.” Just as a surrogate mother takes the place of a biological mother, in this work surrogates are substitute partners for intimacy therapy. Today, Surrogates can be: males, females, non-binary gay, straight, any size, shape, age, race, ethnicity, etc.

The surrogate is an alternate to a relationship when there is lack of an available intimacy partner. The surrogate partner becomes one who trains in socialization skills, one who gives private experiential instruction, and a personal intimacy coach. They provide a service for persons suffering from difficulties which prevent them from experiencing a healthy, sensual/sexual relationship.   

Surrogacy is the action component of a therapeutic triad that consists of a verbal therapist, surrogate partner and client. The intention is that the client puts into practice what they learn from both the surrogate and the therapist. The surrogate guides their client on how to create healthy relationships by; teaching pleasure, companionship, support, understanding, and various tools and techniques for social as well as sexual interaction.  The goal is that they will then apply these skills with an appropriate partner of choice.