Our Vision

To create a worldwide network of mind, body, and spirit practitioners who support clients in transcending institutional, societal, and self-imposed barriers to integrative healing approaches, while maintaining respect, safety, and dignity. It is our ultimate goal of facilitate the accelerated healing, self-actualization, and quality of life of clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Foster and maintain an active network of practitioners throughout the world, focused on collaborating among mind, body, and spirit communities.
  • Create, facilitate, and deliver ongoing learning opportunities, community-building activities, and certification programs to recognize practitioners open to, and supportive of, collaborative, integrative practices.
  • Provide, communicate, and deliver, a comprehensive lifespan interactive model, adaptable to any practitioner, modality, and client, for creating a common language, approach, and structure to enhance client experiences.
  • To encourage continuous, cross-collaborative learning experiences for the entire span of mind, body, and spirit healers, including clinicians, somatic (body-based) practitioners, and spiritual, religious, and related facilitators.

Our Network

We welcome, and deliver learning, to all types of mind, body, and spirit practitioners who are open to acknowledging and recognizing the benefits of supporting collaborative, inter- and intra-collaborative modalities and approaches to support clients.  Our network includes a variety of practitioners, including:

  • Surrogate partner practitioners
  • Clinical therapists
  • Counselors
  • Life coaches
  • Massage therapists
  • Energy workers
  • Spiritual counselors
  • Technicians in various fields focused on supporting patients
  • Holistic health practitioners

Our Collaborations

We see our role as educational, facilitative, and focused on promoting awareness and availability of integrative approaches to holistic healing. We encourage practitioners in their respective fields to participate with us  addition to, as opposed to instead of, traditional profession-oriented organizations and associations.

Our role is not to replace, but rather to enhance, the knowledge, skills, abilities, and resources available to practitioners to support their clients.

Our Certifications and Educational Programs

Certification from the Institute for Mind Body Therapy simply indicates that the practitioner has successfully completed the designated learning program or process. Participation in continuing education is required to maintain certification, and those who receive certification status receive benefits that include a listing in our practitioner directory, priority access to learning programs and activities, and the benefits of interacting with like-minded professionals in their fields, and in others, to help support their clients' mind, body, and spiritual growth.

Currently, our educational programs are only valid for continuing education credit with the Institute for Mind Body Therapy. We continue to pursue requirements to provide our learning experiences for credit with professional associations in various fields and disciplines.