Why move?

a connected approach to wellness

Why move?

(It just might save your life)

I discovered Nia in 2016 at a Cancer Support Center in Philadelphia.  A friend with bone cancer, whom I had treated with tuning forks (using forks on points instead of acupuncture needles), invited me to join her for a Nia class. (They say vibration actually goes deeper into the body than needles- makes sense especially since the body is up to 60% water.) 

What is Nia, I asked?  When Brazilian music came  through the speaker, it was as though I had channeled my late mother, who was born and raised in Brazil.  I knew. We began dancing into our bones, sending love and joy into everyones’ body/mind and spirits.  Energetic medicine administered by moving the “chi,” “ki” or “prana” into our deepest pathways.

Nia invites EveryBody to play, explore, move and dance- to smile and cry and experience all of ourselves.  To feel our skin, our energetic pathways/meridians, our “haras” or cores, using dance, yoga and martial arts.  It is magic.  Please join me in the privacy of your home, on Zoom, for a special one hour self care practice, that has truly changed my life.

To book a spot in this class you must sign-in. If you do not have an active pass you will be prompted to purchase one first before making a class reservation.

You must sign-in to book a spot in this class.
-Gina Gilbert