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On Sex Surrogacy

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On Male Sexuality

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On Female Sexuality

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On Sexuality and Disability

Sexuality and Disability – The Web Site. (

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IMBT holds “Be expanded in the Triadic Model” in Philadelphia, PA

  • Are you a mental health provider, bodyworker, or somatic practitioner interested in surrogate partner therapy?
  • Are you seeking to specialize in human sexuality?
  • Would you benefit from growing your practice and increasing referrals?

8c06a198-ca43-48df-9772-a42c698c3defThe Institute held a  three-day workshop in Philadelphia, PA to teach clinicians, body practitioners, and others more about how to work with other professionals that are supporting clients in mind body interventions. The workshop helps participants learn more about how to work within an expanded model that supports multiple integrative mind/body modalities.

Dr. Susan Kaye, sexuality educator, therapist, and intimacy coach, and Andrés Cordero, Ph.D. student in human sexuality, sexuality educator, and embodiment coach,facilitated conversations with guests who shared their insights about how to work with many clients, including those that are shy or socially challenged; grieving from a life circumstance; lacking sexual self-confidence; survivors of abuse, assault, or trauma; lacking a positive body image; struggling with emotional disconnect and physical disfunction; and others.

Guest speakers included:


William Stayton, Ph.D.

Professor, Clinical Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist




Carol Cobb-Nettleton, Ph.D.

Founder, Wayne Counseling Center, Therapist, and Specialist in  Sexuality, Disability, and Gender Dysphoria



Mitchell Tepper, Ph.D.

Internationally-recognized Sexologist, Disability Expert, and pioneer in the application of Telemedicine to sexual health



Michele Angello, Ph.D.

Author, Clinical Psychologist and Gender Specialist




Reverend Beverly Dale

Writer, Performer, Ordained Minister and Specialist in Christian-based Sexual Wounding


This 3-day workshop was part of the Experiential Learning Series offered by the Institute for Mind Body Therapy. It is the first step in applying for surrogate partner certification through the Institute for Mind Body Therapy.