Working in the Expanded Triadic Model

A comprehensive program, this course provides foundational learning to prepare touch professionals to work with talk professionals and their clients using the Expanded Triadic Model. Previous experience and/or certification in the Somatic Arts is recommended.Students are encouraged to allow 3-6 months to complete the program and fully integrate learning objectives. 6 Modules; 30 Units including experiential exercises; Certificate of Completion is available at the successful completion of the program.

Fee: $1,500; Installment Plan Available |  30 Units over 6 Modules  |  Certificate of Completion from the Institute  |  Learn More

Module 1 The Origins and History of Surrogate Partner Therapy (SPT)
Unit 1 01-01: Start an Explorations Journal
Unit 2 01-02: Films Exploring Surrogate Partner Therapy in the Classic Triadic Model
Unit 3 01-03: Learn About the Traditional Masters and Johnson Behavioral Approach to Sex Therapy
Unit 4 01-04: Exploring Narratives in Surrogate Partner Therapy
Unit 5 01-05: Dimensions of Surrogate Therapy (Exodus Trust)
Unit 6 01-06: Examining Online Resources
Unit 7 01-07: An Introduction to the IMBT Process Model
Unit 8 01-08: Essay on Observations
Module 2 Expanding the Model; Dimensions of Safety, Mindfulness, and Sensuality
Unit 1 02-01: Understanding the Expanded Triadic Model
Unit 2 02-02: Agreements and Session Intentions
Unit 3 02-03: Decorating Scene – Creating Container
Unit 4 02-04: Examining Mindfulness Techniques
Unit 5 02-05: Creating Sensual Experiences
Module 3 Embodiment, Connection, and Sexual Health
Unit 1 03-01: Building Awareness of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Unit 2 03-02: Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
Unit 3 03-03: Exercise - Mirror Work
Unit 4 03-04: Body Awareness
Unit 5 03-05: Trust Exercise – Blindfolding, Guiding, Group Support
Unit 6 03-06: Exercise: Sensing Energy Fields
Unit 7 03-07: Exercise - Sensate Focus
Unit 8 03-08: Exercise – Eye Gazing
Module 4 Expansion and Focus Modalities and Clinical Considerations for Supporting Clients
Unit 1 04-01: DSM Awareness
Unit 2 04-02: Different Focus Modalities
Module 5 Transformation, Resolution, and Supporting Diverse Populations
Unit 1 05-01: Awareness in Exploring Fetishes and Alternative Modalities
Unit 2 05-02: Films and resources on personal and physiological identity
Module 6 Community and Capstone
There are no units in this module.
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