Watch Video > : “Marcella Lyles – The Skin Hunger Project”

Originally broadcast on February 18, 2016

The mission of “The Skin Hunger Project” is to bring awareness, acceptance and advocacy to the issue of Skin Hunger. This conversation will be an exploration in the groundbreaking work we hope the Project will accomplish. Our goal is to support and promote the collaboration of Participants and Practitioners, Educators, Scientists and Social Media outlets in their efforts to powerfully address Skin Hunger.

Skin Hunger: (n) The experience and expression of negative emotions and behaviors that result from a lack of touch.

Much like the body needs water and food to survive, the need for touch is very real and important. It is said that in order to survive, human beings need at least 4 hugs/acts of touch a day. For optimal care, it is suggested that those hugs/acts of touch should last no less than 5 minutes to allow for the creation of Oxytocin, which causes a sense of relaxation, connection and healing. While 4 hugs/acts of touch are needed for survival, 8 hugs/acts per day are required for optimal maintenance and 12 daily hugs/acts are needed for the person to grow and thrive. This means, that even if people are getting some touch they may not be getting enough touch to prevent the negative impacts of Skin Hunger.