Module 3: Embodiment

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Surrogacy is about the body and mind.  While we can talk about touch and sex for hours, we ultimately need to get physical.  When we do that as surrogates, we are asking the clients to be very vulnerable.  Here, we need to fully understand the nature of consent. In this module, we’ll dive into sensate focus through both video and actual hands-on practice.  We’ll introduce you to a few different exercises that you can bring to your own practice.  We’ll do a special mirror exercise to help you do you!

Please contact Susan directly to schedule an appointment for the Mirror Exercise. We will have a shared group conversation about this toward the end of the module.

Lecture Session 1: July 1, 7 pm to 8 pm (Central time)

  • The nature of consent as agreement
    • It’s not “permission”
    • Touching others means it is about two people
  • Asking for what you want: The Bossy Massage 
    • You need a partner to do this with

Lecture Session 2: July 19, 7 pm to 8 pm (Central time)

  • Introduction to sensate focus
  • Exploring a partner with sensate focus  
    • You’ll need a partner to work with this
  • Body image: the mirror exercise
    • Understanding how we feel about our own body
    • Translating this experience into understanding our client

Review and reflect: July 26, 7 pm to 8 pm (Central time)

  • Review and reflect, You with you (group Zoom call – required)

Required ReadingsVideo:

A Heterosexual Couples Guide to Sexual Pleasure. William Stayton. NOTE: You must purchase this video before the module starts. You may, if you choose, purchase a bundle of 3 videos (this is mentioned on the site). 

Things to consider

  • How might consent as agreement play a part in a practice or surrogacy?

Class documents

Class recordings:

Session 1: view it here.

Session 2: view it here.