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Dr. Susan Kaye, PhD

Dr. Susan Kaye is a sexual wellbeing specialist with a PhD in Human Sexuality, and she has 30 years of experience as a somatic practitioner. She has expertise as a tantra teacher, bodywork practitioner, massage therapist, and yoga instructor. She also has 20 years of working in the sexual health field as a Sexologist, Sex Coach and Sex Educator. 

These combined years of bringing body and sex positive teachings to all diversities, has required multiple leaps of faith, explanations at family dinners and yes, hopping on many lily pads to become both a trained bodywork therapist as well as a clinical counselor and coach. She believes in offering clients total mind body wellness by connecting them with talk therapists as well as somatic experts to help them embody the healing they are seeking.

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Dr. Larisa Sharipova

Larisa Sharipova is trained as a Medical Doctor and practice as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She is a founder of Holistic Expert, an Amazon Bestselling Author of  “Listen to Your Body and Regain Your Health” and a Public Speaker. She specializes in natural hormone balancing, epigenetics, stress management, detoxification and anti-aging.

Dr. Sharipova graduated from medical school in Europe in 1993. She had practiced as OBGYN specializing in adolescent gynecology and infertility and used alternative approaches to treat many hormonal disorders. After moving to the United States and learning about American Medical System, while taking Medical Boards, Larisa decided to take a different path in helping women.

In 2012 Larisa Sharipova completed professional training program in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and the founder of Holistic Expert.

After healing herself and enhancing her own wellbeing, Larisa wanted to share her knowledge and her own story of transformational journey to a better life through her books and programs. Dr. Sharipova is very passionate to work with women who try to juggle their families and careers  by sacrificing their own health and happiness and who are ready to change their lives and achieve their goals through nutrition and lifestyle modifications. She guides women to build a healthy mind and a healthy body naturally, so they have less stress and more energy and joy in life.

Larisa Sharipova offers coaching for women through private and group sessions; webinars and workshops; retreats and cooking classes.

She is a professional member of American Drugless Practitioners Association and International Health Coaching Federation.

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Kristen O’Guin

Kristen O’Guin is a Sexuality Educator and Sexual Empowerment Coach, supporting people in the sexual realm since 2005. She has a Master of Education in Human Sexuality Studies. She works with individuals, partners, families, and ENM groups, and teaches workshops and trainings she created.

She helps people get in touch with their authentic sexuality, and find their voice, and have more empowered, fulfilling experiences related to sexuality. She supports people in integrating spirituality and sexuality, helping them connect with the wisdom of the body.

Kristen is queer and agender, and is passionate about social justice issues. Before leaving for grad school, Kristen lived in Hawai’i for 14 years, living off the land and on alternative energy. There she was also an elementary school teacher at alternative schools, as well as working with teens in various capacities. 

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Gina Gilbert

Gina is an Artist, Yogi, Dancer, Nia® Sensory Movement Instructor, Provider of Energetic Medicine and Graduate of Tri-State College of Acupuncture in NY.

She is also a Canine Massage Therapist, former wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, teacher, friend and person who loves life, exploring, traveling and learning. Her college degree hails from McGill University in Canada, where she got her Bachelor of Arts and focused on English, French, Spanish, writing and art.

Body language has became her most proficient language: a universal language combining touch, meditation and guided movement — and let’s not forget music — another great movement therapy.

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Rae Lee Stegall

Rae Lee Stegall is a trans-non-binary Transformational Guide and Certified Sex Coach™ @Golden RAE Coaching, located in Austin Texas. Rae has been a successful Scientific Evidence Specialist for a decade with prominent corporate medical device companies. 

After graduating from Texas A&M as a marine biologist, they expanded into the biomedical realm of neural stem cell research and then infectious disease R&D. 

Currently specializing in GSRD -gender, sexuality, and relationship diversity- LGBTQ+ and finding the Authenticity in relationship with Yourself first, so then you can be truly closer with others and your souls purpose.