a connected approach to wellness

IMBT is a network of many different talk and touch modalities.

We offer wrap around services to provide complete mind-body wellness for our varied and diverse clients.

We specialize in supporting those who experience sexual and somatic concerns that impact their daily life, intimate relationships and social interactions.

For Clients

Many counselors, surrogate partners, tantra teachers, massage therapists, and more, are ready to empower their clients to a new level that includes both touch and talk practices for a holistic experience.

Reach out if you are struggling, or have struggled with:
– Being shy or socially challenged
– Separation, divorce, or death of a partner
– Abuse, assault or trauma
– A negative relationship with your body
– Emotional disconnect
– Physical dysfunction
– Late-life virginity
– Feeling “touch starved”
– Asking yourself, “Am I normal if?”

To book a time for an initial 15 min chat with one of our administrators to find out if our services are right for you, please follow the link below to fill out a contact info form.

For Mind and Somatic Providers

As a client focused team, we help therapists, coaches, and counselors expand their practice, gain more referrals, and become a specialist in the field of sexuality.

Too often in the past, there has been a divide between verbal therapists and hands-on practitioners. Expanding on the triadic model of Masters and Johnson, our training teaches the value of working with clients mind and body needs.

As a mental health professional, you can increase your skills by working cooperatively with body practitioners who heal clients from the neck-down. Sexuality is at the core of our being. We offer training to support you in developing a comfort and confidence when navigating intimacy issues with your clients.