Susan Kaye, Ph.D. – Co-Founder, CEO, and Board Member

Over 30 years of experience as a Touch Pro:  esalen massage, surrogate partner, yoga and tantra teacher

Nearly 20 years as a Talk Pro: Sexologist, intimacy coach, sex educator and human sexuality professor.

In our culture life is lived from the “neck up.”  I believe that people need to live more fully from the “neck down” integrating the two for wellness balance. My career path has taught me to support clients remove years of emotional pain, trauma, secrecy, shame, guilt and ignorance surrounding their sensual/sexual self.  My goal is to enable them to reclaim their lost pleasure birthright of celebrating our physical being, exquisite sensuality and blissful sexuality. It has always been fascinating to me how people transform when they learn to truly live what feels right and natural for them (of course without coercion or outside the boundaries of respect for others).  We work together to remove the stigma of “normal” which has robbed of us our individuality…what I call your you with you…your unique snowflake…your fingerprint..the gifts that only you can contribute to humanity.

It is my desire to guide others to share this powerful form of healing. We are working with both national and international groups of Talk Pros and Touch Pros to create this Institute as a resource center for practitioners and supervisors of all specialties. We are committed to integrating respected therapeutic modalities that acknowledge the moral and ethical responsibility to guide those who find their way to our door.

  • Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Sexology and Sex Education, Institute for Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality
  • B.A. Degree in Human Services, Villanova University
  • Esalen Massage Training , Esalen, CA
  • Surrogate Partner Practitioner, Masters & Johnson Clinic, St. Louis, MO
  • Tantra Teacher Training: Sedona Institute, AZ and
  • Charla Hathaway, Body Joy Institute, TX
  • Member American College of Sexologists since 2000