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Resource recommendations – Books

On Sex Surrogacy

Feder T, D TF. Sex Is the Least of It, Surrogate Partners Discuss Love Life and Intimacy. 2014. (Amazon)

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On Male Sexuality

Bernie Zilbergeld. (1999). The new male sexuality. Bantam. (www.amazon.com)

Kaplan, H. S. (2013). How to overcome premature ejaculation. Routledge.(www.amazon.com)

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Paley, M., & Ruzzier, S. (2000). The book of the penis. Grove Press. (www.amazon.com)

On Female Sexuality

Heiman, J., & LoPiccolo, J. (1988). Becoming orgasmic: A sexual and personal growth program for women. New York: Prentice Hall. (www.amazon.com)

Barbach, L. (1976). For yourself: The fulfillment of female sexuality. Signet. (www.amazon.com)

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Valins, L. (1992). When a woman’s body says no to sex: Understanding and overcoming vaginismus. Penguin Group USA. (www.amazon.com)

On Sexuality and Disability

Sexuality and Disability – The Web Site. (www.sexualityanddisability.org)

Vicary, F. (2014). Sex and disability: yes, the two can and should go together. The Guardian. (www.theguardian.com)

Disability Sexuality: Information on Sex & Disabled Sexual Issues. (2016). Disabled World. (www.disabled-world.com)

Tepper, M. (2016. Videos on Sexuality and the Disabled. Vimeo. (www.vimeo.com)