The IMBT Process

The IMBT Process is a model for supporting clients that has been developed by the Institute for Mind Body Therapy (IMBT) for use by practitioners who have completed IMBT-related training. It was developed for and by IMBT, and forms the foundation for all interactions with clients. 

The model is holistic and only referentially sequential. It can be non-linear, iterative, and comprehensive, and it is systemic in nature. It forms the foundation for practitioners who choose to use the model. The model is applicable to specific interactions, to single sessions, to multiple sessions, to client relationships, or to lifespan support for clients.

The model consists of nine separate and distinct phases. In the initial stages of working with the client, the first phases can be considered fundamental and essential. As a client and a practitioner progress through the phases, the application of the phases can become more iterative and cyclical, and the final phases are absolutely essential and fundamental to the completion of the process.

Below is a visual representation of the IMBT Model. It begins with I. Container, and proceeds through to IX. Community.

Figure 1: The IMBT Process
(The description of this model  is proprietary to the Institute for Mind Body Therapy and may not be reproduced without the express permission of the IMBT.)